iPhone Skater

Words, Words, Words…

At the beginning of the week, Steve was looking for something on his iPhone that he thought would be under “Settings.” He stumbled onto the section called “Legal Notices.” We both got a good laugh out of it: a comparison between Apple’s Legal Notices, License information, and Warranty.

I’m assuming that everyone, like me and Steve, has carefully read this information. Perhaps most, like us, even have had their attorneys review this content to make certain it is appropriate for your use and needs and general well being. Nooooot!!! I wonder how many tiny little words there actually are on screen after screen after screen–enough words that my finger is getting tired of swiping.


And then we get to the Warranty. Oh wait. Hmmm… Not much there…

Now, in all fairness to Apple, the iPhone does have a warranty. Obviously the link provided on the warranty screen takes you to more information about the warranty. For all I know, it might have even more words than the Legal and License sections on the phone.

And if you purchase AppleCare, it’s a fairly good warranty, I guess. It’s certainly an expensive one. I’ve had to use my AppleCare warranty any number of times through the years, and I’ve always felt like I’ve been treated rather well by AppleCare. We just had a laugh over how all of this information was positioned on the device.

Words, words, words. Lots and lots of words that lots of people got paid well to write. I’m sure they are important.