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Yes indeed! Tomorrow is the day! Tim unplugs from Facebook! Permanently.

So, this is it! Today is my last day on the Facebook platform.

I’m not saying goodbye to my friends and family. I’m saying goodbye to the Facebook platform. Remember, there is a difference, a very important difference! You are not your Facebook account, and I’m not mine either.

If you need some ideas about how to stay in touch, in the real world, I wrote a blog post about that: Even though I’m Deleting Facebook, Let’s Keep in Touch.

Even though I’m Deleting Facebook, Let’s Keep in Touch!


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  1. So now you’ve unplugged. How does it feel and where are your new posts. Anxiously awaiting to hear from you again.

    1. I’m working on a video about the unplugging process I went through—kind of a fascinating experience. I’ll definitely get it posted this week. But, Sunday was a travel day back to Atlanta. After being gone for so long, it will take me a few days to whip the household and the beast back into shape. 🙂

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