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Even though I’m Deleting Facebook, Let’s Keep in Touch!

sheep talkingAs I’ve mentioned on my blog and on Facebook, I’m deleting my Facebook account on my birthday in a matter of days. But I want to keep in touch with everyone, and I want you to be able to easily keep in touch with me. So, here are some easy ways for us to stay in touch.

Ways to Keep in Touch with Me

1. Read my blog!

My blog has been around now for 14 years, and I plan on becoming even more active on it. There are several ways to make it really easy to read.

1a. MY FAVORITE WAY: Read my blog (and as many other blogs and websites as you want) in an RSS feed reader. Now this sounds complicated, but it’s really not. It’s actually a super easy and ultra convenient way to keep current on blogs and on websites that publish lots of content every day. An RSS reader gives you one place to organize and view it all. And, unlike Facebook, where algorithms decide what you get to see, you decide what you see!

This is such a powerful and important technology I have created a short video to show you/walk you through how to do this. I show each step.
1. Setup a Feedly account and
2. Show you how to download the Reeder 3 app (my favorite RSS reader) and log it in to your Feedly account and
3. Show you how to set up my blog (and therefore any blog or website) in it.

Super simple. Really fast. Amazingly convenient! It’s actually much easier than using Facebook, and nobody is spying on you. You won’t even see any ads unless you follow a site that has ads!

You can also subscribe to comments that people post on my blog, or not. Totally up to you.

1b. Save my blog to your smartphone or tablet’s home screen. Once saved to the home screen, just touch the icon, and tah dah! My blog appears on your screen. Here’s a short video I made for you on how to do this on an iPhone or an iPad. This video also contains a little-known hack for controlling what the icon looks like when you save it to your home screen.

1c. Bookmark my blog and visit it often! Use your browser to go to my blog at The above video provides a very glimpse at how to do this.

2. On my blog, feel free to comment on any post. Just as I did on Facebook, comments are moderated for civility. See the end of this post? That’s where you can comment. Easy.

3. Want to just write to me privately? I have a contact form on my blog. The link to my comment form is always in the sidebar (or in the menu at the top or bottom, depending on how big your screen is).

4. You can always shoot me an email. If you have my normal email address, feel free to use that. Or, you can use my blog’s email address which is: my first name at my first and then my last name (no punctuation between them) dot us. Remember, it’s NOT .com! And my third email address is dr followed by my first name and then my last name (all without any punctuation at all) at gmail dot com.
5. And, if you have my phone number, you can text or call. I’m just 10 digits away.

Ways for Me to Keep in Touch with You

friends bonding friendshipNow, here’s the other super important thing. I want to keep up with you, your family, and your life in general. I’m no longer going to be on Facebook after April 13, 2018. So, I can’t follow you there, but…

1. If you have a blog, please be sure I know what it is so I can add it to my RSS reader which I read every morning as if it were the morning paper.

If you don’t have a blog, I can’t highly recommend blogging enough. There are so many options for blogging! Unless you go crazy, like me, setting up a blog isn’t any harder than setting up a Facebook account, in fact, it’s easier if you ask me. You alone are in control of what everyone gets to see that you share, not some other party that wants to spy on you and sell your data.

Here is an excellent 2018 article on the really good, current blog platforms that are available. The author lists the pros and cons for each.

2. Please be sure I have your current contact information: email and mailing address.

3. I travel a good bit; but, when I’m in town, let’s have coffee (I do tea, but, whatever…) or lunch! Who doesn’t like to eat and catch up?! It’s this totally analogue, retro, cool to the jive sort of thing!

Finally, if you haven’t read about why I am deleting or have deleted my Facebook account, you can do so at this blog post: Why I’ve Decided It’s Time for Me to Go.

Concluding Reflection

colorful blobI’ve enjoyed using Facebook in that it allowed me to reconnect with former students (some as far back as from the early 1980’s!), classmates from when I was a wee thing, long lost college friends, colleagues, etc. It’s given me the opportunity to make some incredibly wonderful new friends as well—people I never would otherwise have met. But, it’s time for me to move on.

And, you probably know, I had several reasons for starting my blog way back in 2004. I wanted to explore its use for educators. I wanted a journal of sorts. I wanted a place to reflect and share thinking. I wanted a place to tuck obscure things I might forget. And, importantly to me, I wanted a place my mother could keep up with some of “the stuff” of my day-to-day life.

When mom died a couple of years back, my “blob” (as she liked to call it) took more of a backseat. She was no longer reading it and complaining when I didn’t post every day, and knowing that fact made me sad. I posted a good bit less as a result. But, now that I’ve deleted Facebook, I find I have a renewed interest in sharing a lot more on the old blob.

Blob Reinvigorated!

P.S. When searching for photos for this post, photos that were related to staying in touch, etc. the overwhelming majority (high 90 percentiles) were specific to digital communication only—technology. We are addicted to abstracting being physically present. Wow! Yes. It’s time to reframe what’s real and what only reflects reality.