ScatMat — Best Invention Ever!

I rarely do product reviews, but, for the ScatMat, I feel a genuine need to extoll the product’s virtues.1

WaldoWaldo is cute. He’s adorable. He is friendly and lovable. But, he is also the most stubborn animal I’ve ever encountered. E.V.E.R!

We will not tolerate an animal atop our food preparation and serving areas. Those cute little feet paw around in used litter. Yet Waldo demands he be allowed on the kitchen island, the kitchen countertops, and the table. He will have it no other way.

Like any good parent, we started with the lowest level interventions and worked our way up. First it was a loud and firm, “No!” That neither phased nor deterred him.

“No?! What… seriously?!”

We rolled up paper and slapped it about while yelling “No!” Nothing. We slapped him with the paper while yelling “No!” Forget it. We squirted him with a water bottle while yelling “No!” when we could no longer catch him on the forbidden surface. Now he loves playing in water.

We got the loudest air horn you can possibly imagine and blasted it while squirting him with water and chasing him yelling “No!” If we could catch him, we would pop his back leg firmly while putting him in his downstairs suite for the day. He didn’t like that, and he learned.

WaldoRegrettably, he didn’t learn what we wanted him to learn. He learned to put himself in his downstairs suite after jumping on the forbidden areas. So, he would jump on the counter. We would yell and carry on our madmen routine, and he would just put himself away. Once, he even shut the door! He simply couldn’t be bothered. Good grief!

It got to the point that when we would turn our backs, he would immediately jump up on the counter and then run and hide. He did it 3 times in a row! This was a fun game to him.

No more! This could not continue. For god’s sake, I have a doctorate, and Steve went to an Ivy league school, and we were being trained by a beast! No way! It’s man or beast!


Then I found the ScatMat on Amazon. It had over four thousand ratings, about 75% of which were five star ratings—only a very small number of 4’s, 3’s, 2’s or 1’s. Could that be for real? Rarely is something so highly rated. People’s comments raved about how nothing had worked for their dog/cat until they tried the ScatMat.

ScatMatWaldo hates static. In the winter, he doesn’t even let us pet his head for fear we will shock him.

These mats deliver a very smart shock when touched. You can adjust the intensity of the shock.

They arrived. I tested it on myself. YIKES! You reflexively yank your hand back in an instant. The shock is not at all pleasant! But it will not hurt the pet. And so, atop the forbidden zone they did go.

Zap!Within moments of being let upstairs, Waldo jumped atop the kitchen island. POW! It zapped the hell out of him, and he didn’t like that one bit. He instantly jumped 3 feet straight up in the air and landed back on top of it. POW!

In an instant, he went screeching off of the island as fast as animally possible. He hid in his little sheet-draped tree and let it be known in no uncertain terms that he did not like that. He bellowed about it for a full 5 minutes. (He’s naturally a very verbal beast.) This was not an “I’m in pain!” meow. It was a “God damn you to hell for not letting me do what I want to do!” bellowing. This bellowing was an act of sheer defiance in the unexpected face of a resounding defeat.

This morning, he thought Steve would be a softy and wouldn’t let him get shocked. (Steve is a softy, and frequently lets Waldo get away with murder! Though, he will deny this vehemently until caught in the act.) Waldo jumped up on the kitchen island. It’s his favorite place apparently.

POW!! In a single bound he leapt across the room and bellowed for the remainder of the morning. He hates it! Yay!

Final Thoughts

I don’t know how many more times Waldo will try to defy the electrification rituals, but he’s smart. He should learn quickly enough. It will zap him every time!

I also like the fact that the mats make a very menacing clicking/popping sound. Warning! Warning! Danger Waldo McTyson!

Oh, the humiliation of defeat!

If you have a pet you need to train to stay out of a space or off of something, I highly recommend the ScatMat. (I wouldn’t use it on a kitten, but they are more amenable to traditional training techniques.) The mats come in different sizes and can be powered by plugging them in or with a 9 volt battery. Each has 3 settings: off, low, and high.

For us, I think the ScatMats are going to do the trick!

  1. I purchased this product from Amazon at normal price and have received no consideration of any kind, not even a request, for this review.