Tim 1980s Beard

Bits and Pieces from 2017

So I was skimming through the year in iPhone photos, screenshots, and saved images from other sources and came across an assortment of quirky things that sort of represented some of my more off-the-beaten-path experiences in 2017, which turned out to be the year of the odd. For your amusement, I present them here with little comment.

What music has devolved into both in performance and compositional skill and complexity…

Ikea Crucifix

I came upon this car in San Francisco. As a musician, it made me laugh.
Local Children
Organic and free-range as well! Gluten-free?
Ski Faster
Seen on a car in Atlanta
Walk Run Text
Solar and Wind
Proud liberal techno elitists
Less Stuff More Time
Seen in Atlanta. These days, I’m diggin’ it!
Hah! It never was about morality, was it.
I Think
Another bumper sticker seen in Atlanta
Dirty Car
Seen in Birmingham. Smelled in the Southeast.
Seen on a car in San Francisco
Noir Restaurant
A noir restaurant in San Francisco
From Oslo in San Francisco
Bank Vault Door
Seriously? I’ve forgotten how many tons this old Pensacola bank vault door weighs.
Just a piece of the sign at one of my favorite places to eat in Atlanta
Steve & Waldo
Notice Waldo behind Steve (in his Halloween costume). Like father like beast.
Fox Theater
I love shooting photos of the paraphernalia at the Fox Theatre
Jalapeno Jelly
It’s actually not bad!
Electric Car
Brilliant: Jump starting a new electric car!
Pensacola Sunset
A quick run down to Pensacola
SFO City Hall
All of that French influence…

And, of course I saved the best for last. I don’t know why everyone seems to have such a difficult time recognizing me in this photo, circa 1984. My cousin had this photo of me and showed it to me and Steve when we visited her at the end of 2017. This is an iPhone photo of the old original photo.

Tim 1980s Beard
Back then I knew it all and more. Today, well… I guess I’ve forgotten it all.