Welcoming Waldo, a New Beast, into the Family

We decided it was time to add another feline to the family. Ten years ago this month we adopted Conrad the Kat from Good Mews, a no-kill cat shelter that keeps about 100 cats at a time. We went back about 3 weeks ago.1

While we will never de-claw a cat, we need to protect our leather furniture from cat claws. So, 3 weeks ago we went back to Good Mews in search of a kitty that wouldn’t destroy the furniture. They had 3 that were available, but 2 of them were very old and had health issues2. They had a young one, but she wasn’t available because she was under observation with some serious health issues and, sadly, died shortly thereafter.

A 4th one had just come in to the shelter and was not yet available: Waldo. They wouldn’t even show him to us because they needed to do his health screenings and complete the intake process. He was only 1 year old. They told me to check back in a couple of weeks or so.

I kept checking their website to see if Waldo was available yet, what he looked like, was he healthy, etc. Late on Friday, September 15th, he made his online appearance. (Is this what online dating is like?) He was adorable! I sent his photo to Steve, saying, “He’s calling my name!” Steve heard him calling his name as well. From their site:

Waldo somehow found himself at a county high-kill animal control. Oddly, he was declawed but not neutered. So he had a home at some point. He is a social boy so we don’t know why someone would take him to a place where he had a 50/50 chance of making it out alive.

When Good Mews went to the shelter to rescue several cats, Waldo made sure we noticed him! We was talking to us and reaching out towards us through his cage bars. He was pretty much saying we weren’t walking out of that building without him. He didn’t have to pursue us too hard, because who could resist that adorable little face?

Waldo is a young guy with a lot of energy. He loves to play and enjoys all kinds of toys. He is also social and loves to meet new people. He has a loving side, so he wants a family that will smother him with affection!

We adopted him first thing on Saturday morning. He’s perpetually happy and crazy friendly, talks up a storm (an expression my father was fond of using), and loves to be with people. In fact, he can’t stand not being with people, on people, rubbing up against people. He’s very much an adolescent as he sort of wobbles and bounces awkwardly about at times. He’s insanely energetic until the energy runs out. He then suddenly collapses into a sleeping heap.

With boundless curiosity, he’s still astonished by unfamiliar sights and sounds3. He absolutely hates closed doors and adamantly insists he be allowed into every room. He doesn’t know how to run on hardwood floors without skidding out. He loves playing and running up and down the stairs in his new 3-story home. He squashes himself down flat on the floor or on a step and thinks he’s hidden when he’s playing hide and seek—one of his favorite pastimes.

Steve has started a series of posts on Facebook: “Where’s Waldo?”

Here are a few Waldo pictures:

Adopt ME!
Got to know! Just got to know!
I need a short rest; so, come over here and pet me.
Whatcha readin’?
I am invisible. You really don’t see me.
Just who exhausted whom?

  1. By the way, we highly recommend Good Mews! They have a marvelous facility and fantastic volunteers. They really provide a professional and caring service. 

  2. I just wasn’t ready to deal with that again so soon. 

  3. He’s an indoor cat, but he can see out of the many windows. A squirrel sent him into orbit a couple of days ago, but he loves watching butterflies. 

5 thoughts on “Welcoming Waldo, a New Beast, into the Family”

  1. Awe, Tim, he is adorable!!! By the way my phone died and I lost all my numbers. Can you text me so I will have yours again?

  2. Waldo is perfect! Now you know why I go to these high kill shelters and work with rescues…to save the Waldos!!!
    You will enjoy him, and obviously he feels safe and secure.

  3. Tim, he’s gorgeous! I think you and Steve have already found a welcoming home party for Waldo. Congratulations on your new addition to your already wonderful family.

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