Steve's Hair Volumizer

Too Much Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Steve, ever the optimist, uses volumizing shampoo and conditioner. I’ve been telling him he is using a tad too much, but he will not listen to me.

Steve's Hair Volumizer

So, What are you actually looking at…

This is actually a still iPhone photo of Steve being silly in a fabric story, pretending the pink furry fabric is his hair. Yes, it’s a still image.

Steve - Pink FurI took this image into the Plotagraph app and made sections of the still image  move at the speed I wanted and in the direction of my choosing. I then exported a video file.

To make the video file continuously loop, I imported it into Gif Brewery 3, a Mac app that makes animated gifs. There are other ways to loop motion online, but that’s the one I chose as it creates a very small file size.

This one is my first attempt at using the Plotagraph app, and I chose to do something rather silly. But the app’s ability to turn still images into moving ones can actually produce some astoundingly creative, beautifully arresting images. Mine are dreadfully ho-hum by comparison.

Below is my second attempt at using the app. This was originally a partial pano (about 6 still images) of the Volcanic Valley in New Zealand. Again, this is a still image made to move. The clouds move right to left; the steam vents move up. Each is moving at different relative speeds.

Volcanic Valley
New Zealand’s Volcanic Valley

This link features an “Artist of the Day” and showcases some astonishing images created by some serious artists using the app.

Way cool, but No!

I have some serious issues with the product. It’s what I’ve said was the digital future, and it totally pisses me off. Even though the app does very cool things, and I mean way cool, I will never buy it because, not only can you not buy it, the monthly rental fees are insanely high for what the app does. Your business model would need to depend on this app to justify the rental fee, and I understand these are the reduced prices! Seriously?!

The play-with-it-to-make-you-want-it version has some crippling limitations:  overall speed adjustment, export options, masking…the list goes on. Yes, I used the play-with-it-to-make-you-want-it version to produce these.

Trey Ratcliffe, part owner in the app, tries to explain away the cost claiming the annual rental fees are about the same as owning Photoshop was once upon a time when one could actually own a copy Photoshop. But, while this app does amazing things, it’s in no way as powerful as Photoshop. Just no way!

I refuse to pay super premium prices for the latest hot tools. And, I refuse to rent software.

Then you have the coming craze: the software is online and doesn’t really live on your machine nor do your working files. Your working photo is uploaded to their server in the sky. No. I refuse this corporate breach and intrusion into the privacy of my personal creative process!

Trey has an interesting article about the app and some great examples of work he’s created at this link.

But, no. Seriously. No.