light bulb

The Time Machine

light bulbI had no idea that electricity is actually a time machine!

The disadvantage of living in an area with so many beautiful old trees is that during a storm, they blow over onto the power lines. This year we have had over a half dozen old trees fall in the neighborhood. Some have badly damaged, even completely destroyed houses. One fell atop a passing car seriously injuring the driver. (I wonder if he is still alive?) Several have blown out the power.

Irma took the power out for about 20 houses in the neighborhood for a total of 68 hours, but who’s counting, right?! The first 12 hours was an adventure. The remaining time was a dreadful experience.

Yesterday Steve said, “Do you realize that a week ago today we were in Pensacola?” I was shocked. It was true, but it seemed like months ago! Being without electricity had caused time to seem to stand still.

What we learned:
  • Our emergency preparedness kit needed some serious updating. [Done]
  • Our lives quickly descending into foraging for electricity since our cars are both electric.
  • The cars are great sources of charge for iOS devices!
  • We will actually die when we no longer have access to the internet! [Thankfully, our iPads and iPhones maintained access via cell coverage.]
  • We need some type of backup electrical generation.
    • We now have a highly portable solar panel backup system to charge 2 iOS devices at a time.
    • We are exploring the Tesla Powerwall as an add on to our house solar panels. GA Power requires the solar panels disconnect in a power outage. With the Powerwall, the solar panels keep the Powerwall charged which provides electricity to the house; so, you have electricity off the grid.