Waiheke Island

NZ Partial Panos (Part 1: Waiheke Island)

The Project Goal

It’s been over a month since our last trip to New Zealand, and I’ve been working feverishly on the 2,500 photos and videos I shot during the trip. My goal is to post my travel journal for each day, which I wrote during the trip, along with the now-completed photos. I also want to create a video from the trip.

I actually shot a lot of video, mostly on the iPhone. I also shot a lot of pictures on the iPhone as well as my Canon DSLR. And, while I didn’t take the pano tripod head (It’s just too heavy for international flights, and the tripod is too cumbersome!) for full 360º panoramas, I did shoot a number of partial panos.

A partial pano is 2 or more photos that are shot at the same focal length and have enough overlap to later be stitched together into 1 larger photo expanse.

Waiheke Island

On our first day in New Zealand we hopped an Aukland ferry early in the morning and headed out to Waiheke Island, a sparsely populated place (population 8,000 off season; 40,000 peak season) with lots of tiny, inexpensive fishing and vacation cabins strewn about the island. Today those much-coveted cabins sell for millions. The island, which appears to be mostly farmland and empty beaches, is idyllic.

Waiheke Island Map
Waiheke Island (Google Maps)

Here are a few partial panos of this magnificent place. The panos that are less tall (height) are made of more photos and are actually gigantic, expansive photos that have been significantly reduced in size to fit on the blog.

Click any photo to see it fill your screen.

Waiheke Island
This vast expanse (Hooks Bay) on the north eastern tip of the island near Stony Batter Historic Reserve is comprised of 13 full-size photographs.
Waiheke Island
One of the small houses down by the water (54 Arran Bay; 2 bedroom, 1 bath) in this photo was for sale for $2.3 million.
Waiheke Island
Fog coming over the hills

Waiheke Island Waiheke Island Waiheke Island Waiheke Island

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