The Eclipse begins: 1:05pm

Atlanta Eclipse Watch, 2017

I was too lazy to do it correctly. I just went outside and used my selfie camera on my iPhone to take pics of the sun at different times through the eclipse. Obviously even at .97 eclipsed, the sun was still far too bright for the iPhone selfie camera sensor. It just blew out the white levels on the sensor.

Most Noticeable Observations
  • A definite, significant change in the quality of light. It didn’t look “later in the day.” It just looked different as in a different color temperature as if I had on very dark sunglasses, but I didn’t have on any.
  • A definite, significant change in the outside temperature, noticeably dropping from “fry an egg on my skin” to “oh wow, this is a bearable!”
  • And my favorite observation: the evening bugs in the woods started making their bug noises normally reserved for the very end of the day as the sunlight disappears for the day.
  • The light level inside the house grew profoundly darker.

It was supposed to start at 1:05pm and reach a magnitude .97 here at the house at 2:36pm.

My iPhone Selfie Camera Photos

Notice the change in color temperature is captured in the iPhone photos. The first is a rather balanced color, but the blues become more golden tinted as time goes by.

The Eclipse begins: 1:05pm
The Eclipse begins: 1:05pm
 Eclipse at 2:28pm
Eclipse at 2:28pm. I could find no way to position the camera to avoid the 2 light flares.
Max Eclipse (.97) at 2:36pm
Max Eclipse (.97) at 2:36pm
Outdoor Light Quality
Quality of light 01
Quality of light at 2:36: The green has more warm tones in it
Quality of Light 02
Quality of Light at 2:36: The green has more warm tones in it
Inside the House Got Dark

Now, sure I had the shades down. We often put them down when the earth is melting outside in the heat. But typically, the inside of the house is still very well lit, one could even say “bright.” At 2:36 it was just dark inside!

The Den
The Den