Apple Shed

New Zealand ’17: Day 09 – Abel Tasman National Park (Fri)

Lodging: The Waters Bed and Breakfast
Date During Trip: July 7, 2017

Today was a catch up day for me. I wanted to catch up on my journaling and backup all of my photos and videos from the trip. The Canon backup process was a flop. The iPad appeared to ingest the photos, but too quickly. Then it said it only took in about 749 (of the 1250 I had shot at this point). After the first 10 or so, the photos were very pixelated. Obviously, something didn’t work properly. This is becoming the norm for Apple now.

I tried deleting the photos and attempted to import them again. It wouldn’t work. Very frustrating. So, at this point, the only copy I have is on the camera card in the Canon.

I went through all of the FiLMiC Pro videos and copied them over to the Photos app. I then deleted them from the FiLMiC Pro app. Then I copied them onto the external card using the iKlips app. The copying process was a bit cumbersome. The first “copy all” attempt failed. Then I had to sort through each file individually. With over 140 videos shot on the trip thus far, this was not an easy task.

So, my backup strategy took hours, most of the day, actually. Steve ran. He then rested. He then went to find out how we could get from our B&B to the water’s edge. We then hiked down to shoot pictures and video of the tide at low tide. I include a photo of a lone walker on the beach below to provide a sense of scale.

Click any photo to see the larger version.

He bought us some great sandwiches at the Tasman General Store. We took a long walk along the water, and I realized how high up we are at the B&B. Just to our right are actually extremely high cliffs! Caught me by surprise. The tide was out–way out, as in 15 feet lower!

Next we drove over to a major highway along the side of which, in the bay, people have placed rocks to proclaim their love or this, that, or the other when the tide is out. It’s kind of funny: rock graffiti on the bottom of the bay only visible during low tide, when the rocks show. Only one sexually explicit rock formation. (Not shown) The tides here are dramatic!

Apple Shed Location in Mapua
Apple Shed Location in Mapua (Click to enlarge)

We went to a little out-of-the-way park by the water and then headed out to the Apple Shed for an early dinner. We kept passing a garden filled with these gorgeous bright orange and yellow exotic flowers. We stopped. Photos. Good thing we went early to the Apple Shed back in Mapua. They only had 2 tables that were not booked for the evening. On a Friday, this is a popular local spot!

Oh, I must mention that for breakfast we had an orange marmalade with mint and lime in it. Oh goodness, this was delicious! She brought us more for tomorrow! She will not prepare breakfast for us tomorrow as her sister-in-law’s funeral is tomorrow. Apparently everyone in town knows her, and the funeral will be a huge event for the entire town.

Finally, here’s a panoramic photo from the back of the room, on the balcony. You are looking at an active vineyard on the other side of the small lake.

The Waters
The Waters


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