Reflecting Light

Quality, Reflected, Warm Light

I’ve always thought that one of the most important elements in photography is the quality of the light in the scene. It’s the difference between “Oh, that’s nice.” and “Wow! That’s glorious!”

Since I so very, very rarely shoot in controlled lighting environments, I generally get whatever I get when it comes to lighting. I mean, I have the apps that tell me when to expect the 3 light qualities at dawn and at sunset at any particular location, and where the sun and moon will be. I pay attention to the weather and the general cloud conditions as they relate to dispersing light and dissipating or defining shadows. But outside, you generally get what you get.

There’s post production, where you can tweak what you got in a capture. But rarely have I stumbled upon, by sheer chance, lighting conditions that dazzle. And when I do, is the camera at hand?

Last Week

I was walking in the hood. It was late afternoon, but the sun was nowhere near setting. I was in the city. Light does very interesting things in the city. This is new to me.

The brick building across the street from me was catching the late afternoon sunlight reflected from the windows of the building on my side of the street, and it was gorgeous! It was so arresting that I stopped and reached for my iPhone. I don’t have the latest and greatest. I have the 6s plus. It actually does some amazing photographs. I shot the photo. And here it is without retouching–just as the camera sensor captured the light. This is not HDR.

Reflecting Light

The camera lens never tells the whole story, but I was pleased with this outcome.