Our new Fiat 500e: OJ

California OJ

Yum! Everyone loves OJ, right?! It’s delicious. And OJ from California is at least as good as OJ from Florida.

This past weekend was especially busy and delightful. It included lunch at Sconehenge (bakery and sandwich shop) and car buying. We hated having a gasoline powered car—and not for any liberal-minded, save-the-planet reasons, though we certainly have those, too.

We just like the amazing responsiveness of an electric car driving experience! Once you drive electric, you will never want to drive gas-powered again!

Our car out in our place in California was a gas-powered Fiat 500. His name was Scotty. I have no idea how he became named that. He just did. I loved driving the tiny car all over the city. I could get in and out of anyplace! I could park anyplace. The size was perfect for urban living. But…

The driving experience was a whirling, threshing, flailing about that generally came to a rest the instant before a whiplash. You had to floor the little capsule on wheels to get it up the hills and then slam on the brake to keep it from becoming airborne as it crested the hill tops. My bones and joints are just too old for such astonishing gymnastic feats!

So, we had an electric charger installed in our parking place and purchased the Fiat 500e. It’s the exact same size, just electric. And it’s quieter, too—and not just because it’s electric. The car absorbs more sound.

Ah, the return of quiet, never ending torque! We love it!

Our new buggy is a very, very bright orange color. And, since it runs on juice (electricity), we named it OJ: Orange Juice!

Our new Fiat 500e: OJ
Our new Fiat 500e: OJ