Tim Little Planet Headlands

The Next Big Thing…

Is going to be 360º video, even live 360º video. You can already stream live 360º to YouTube and Facebook. This is either going to take off and have a huge impact on film making (point of interest is going to take on a whole new meaning) or be completely ignored by film makers.

Vimeo is now in on the action. Not every browser supports this, not every platform.

Hawaii -The Pace of Formation 360 from Givot on Vimeo.

For more information about Vimeo;s 360º video viewing experience, check out this link.

Additionally, Vimeo has a 360º video school to help creators come up to speed on the new 360 process.

And then we have the same video on YouTube’s 360º video experience which is in 4k.

I’m wondering when/where we will find open source solutions for embedding these on our own servers and presenting them on our personal WordPress blogs.