Cutting the Cord: Update

Smartphone Use

I read a short article about reducing the impact of the digital world over my world. This article focused on the smartphone. The author recommended:

  1. Don’t charge it by your bed. (I have to because it controls the lights, sound, thermostats, etc.)
  2. Kill all notifications. (Done!)
  3. Delete Facebook, Twitter, Insta and other “attention loop” apps. (Done)
  4. Switch to Android, because it has the good self-control enforcement apps. (Nah)
  5. Stop checking email/turn off Push email. (Done except for emails from select people)
Facebook Use

I rarely check Facebook now (once a week at most, usually once a month, sometimes even less) and no longer have a bad karma hangover from some of the negativity I was consistently seeing from several friends who post negativity ad nauseam.  I could have hidden their posts, but I like them as people. And the advertising! [Insert all of the bad words here.]

Interestingly, I just read a post from an Ivy League research study that concluded that Facebook use correlates with an individual’s level of depression. I personally find it such a level of negative energy that, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve all but given it up completely. Personal result: a brighter outlook. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it induced a level of depression, but without it, Tim is a happier camper.

Connected to the Mother Ship
Connected to the Mother Ship
The Killing of the Comcast Overlord
ClearStream Digital Antenna
ClearStream Digital Antenna

We just added a 70 mile range ClearStream digital antenna which added about 60 TV channels to the TV. We only did this because we wanted local news for those rare times we would watch it. (For example: When the fire destroyed the I-85 bridge, we needed to easily keep informed about traffic conditions, schedules, detours, etc. The internet sources lagged behind.)

We mostly purchase (iTunes) the TV programs we want to see or watch them on HBO Now and Netflix. No more commercials! As everyone who knows me understands: Tim loathes advertising.