He Loves Color!

Those who know us well know that Steve loves color: bright, vivid, saturated color. If he had his way, the house would be filled with blinding color both inside and out. The color doesn’t need to “match.” Color only needs to exist. Everywhere!

This make decorating, a task that always falls to me, quite the challenge.

A couple of weeks ago I came across a new lighting system I had never seen before: The Nanoleaf. The nanoleaf is a series of triangular shapes that light up in any of millions of colors in all but an infinite number of changeable patterns: bright, vivid, saturated, changeable colors. I immediately knew Steve would love them.

And yes, he did. They can pulse, flicker, mutate, flow, be all one color. They are controlled by the phone and home automation system.

A still photo does them a tremendous injustice because they are so bright (stopping down the ambient light in the remainder of the room) and “alive,” but here’s one to provide you with but a hint of what they look like. You assemble them in any shape you want.

Nanoleaf in my office

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