Showcase Camera Video Store

You’re Closing?! Are You Kidding Me?!

Showcase logoToday I found out, much to my shock and simultaneous horror, that the Showcase Photo & Video store near the house is closing in a matter of days. The employees learned of the news 2 weeks ago, when the closing was announced publicly. They didn’t see it coming at all.

Showcase Camera Video StoreThe guy I talked with, and with whom I have done a lot of business over the past 2.5+ decades has worked at Showcase all of that time. He was in shock still.

I also learned that Wolf Camera shuttered all of its stores basically in the middle of the night and today was the last day employees reported. They too were in shock.

So now Atlanta has only 1 pro camera equipment sales operation in town at a downtown location to which I’ve never been. I called another camera store, who, I found out during the call, only sells used equipment. He said that his business is bursting at the seams, but that new equipment sales are dead.

This is such sad news to me.

Showcase Photo & Video inside