The Crown: Netflix Series

Netflix Series: The Crown

Few things are as delightful as a story well told. My great aunt, Aunt Easter, could spin a tale that would capture everyone who listened to her as she crafted her yarns. Oooh! She was good—so completely caught up in telling the life of the story. As it unfolded everyone in the room would hang on every lifted eyebrow, every hesitation, unexpected gasp, infinitesimal facial nuance. Yes, Aunt Easter was the master storyteller. And it delighted her so!

But today, the art of storytelling is reaching new heights, and Netflix is among those crafting great stories. I’ve just begun a new series: The Crown. Oh. My! If you enjoy historical dramas, you will probably love this: the story of modern day Queen Elizabeth II, beginning with her childhood.

We didn’t forgive Aunt Easter the artistic license she took when telling her stories, no. We delighted in it. And so it is with The Crown. We all know the story. Some of the characters are still alive today. But this story is astonishingly well crafted.

The series was created and written by Peter Morgan and produced by Left Bank Pictures for Netflix. The writing is, at times, brilliant. Morgan has now twice juxtaposed two storylines with parallel themes against each other in ways that literally have lifted me up out of my seat. And Winston Churchill’s dialog. Good God!

And the actors are among the very best: Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II, John Lithgow as Winston Churchill, and Matt Smith as Prince Philip—to name a few. They do not disappoint. The cinematography is superb. The music, by Rupert Gregson-Williams and Hanns Zimmer, is also flawlessly conceived for the story. Production value of major themes, somewhat foreign to us in the US, are well developed.

If you are looking for an escape from the election aftermath, I highly recommend The Crown. It is serving my serenity expedition well. 10 episodes are now available on Netflix, and a second season has been commissioned.

Enough writing about it. Time for the next episode!