I Voted

Steve Couldn’t Take It Any More

I think I’ve been driving him crazy. Or maybe he’s been driving me crazy. It’s a very serious case of 2016 election fatigue syndrome. I think we both have a really severe case.

He can’t abide the debates; so, he left town and won’t be back until Friday. Oh, he says it was because of work, but I know the real reason: He loathes the debates. I do too, actually. But I simply can’t not know. I suffer through them even though they severely harsh my mellow.

I Voted
I Voted Today

So, to tame my ceaseless appetite for making the election go the way I think it should go, he suggested I go vote early. That was actually a really good idea!

I can tell you at least 50 voting machines were in operation, and they were slammed with people. Slammed! A huge line. And, I am delighted to report, I was the only white person I saw the entire time I was there. This crowd was all minorities who were going to be certain their vote was counted.

I probably should start buying up cases of Oreo cookies and gallons of whole milk. It’s the only thing that gets me through a presidential election watch. Oh, and I’ll also need to add 12 bottles of insulin! I’ll be a wreck until it’s called.