Zephyr Teachout

Goose Bumps

Goose bumps Photo by: Ildar Sagdejev
Photo by: Ildar Sagdejev

Do you remember those? Goose bumps?

I seemed to get them a lot when I was a kid. I would encounter something that I found to be unexpectedly gorgeous, fantastic, awe-inspiring, breath-taking, and I would get goosebumps. But the older I get, the less I seem to experience goose bumps. Oh dear: less euphoria in my life?!

I really don’t know what causes them, goose bumps: the hairs on you arms and legs and back of your neck to rise. According to Wikipedia, goose bumps are physiologically caused when the muscles under the skin tense and raise the hair follicles.

Zephyr Teachout for Congress

Zephyr Teachout
Zephyr Teachout

Well, I just unexpectedly experienced goose bumps when watching the video posted below. It’s a brilliant political ad by Zephyr Teachout. She’s running for office in the 19th district of New York in Dutchess County. She is running a Bernie Sanders-styled, anti-corruption campaign and has raised $500,000 from individual donors. Her average donor contribution is $15. She said she likes the small donations because they keep her focused on what real people need from their politicians. With a $15 average contribution, I suspect it took her some time to raise that $500,000.

In her video at the end of this post, she is challenging Paul Singer to debate her on the issues facing the 19th District. But, interestingly, Paul Singer is not her opposition candidate. He is a billionaire that made a single $500,000 contribution to her opposition candidate. She powerfully points out the fact that she really isn’t running against Faso. She’s running against Paul Singer, the billionaire hedge fund manager who is buying Faso. No doubt Singer has his eye on business ventures in Dutchess County.

“This is very serious,” Teachout says in the video. “Paul Singer, I challenge you to come here and have a debate with me … I think the people of the 19th District deserve to hear your actual voice when you’re putting so much money into trying to buy up representation.”

Whoa! Zephyr Teachout is an American hero! She wants to represent “We the people…”. She is articulate, frank, outspoken, and calling people to task for stealing democracy to represent their own personal interest over the interests of the people in the local community. She strikes me as a person with integrity!

Her feisty support for the people she wants to represent gave me goose bumps—a thing of sheer beauty! I wish her all the best in securing her seat.