Reflections of a Golden Era

#SevenDayPhotoChallenge: Photo 3

They say that the best camera is the one you have with you.

It had just stopped raining (an incredibly rare thing at the time) when we stopped at the old submarine (now fishing) pier at Fort Baker. The air was clear with a bit of a nip from the strong and consistent breeze from the ocean through the golden gate. I had never seen a puddle here before, and it was too perfect! My camera was at home. But wait! I have an iPhone 6+! Touch.

Reflections of a Golden Era
Reflections of a Golden Era

One thought on “#SevenDayPhotoChallenge: Photo 3”

  1. Another stunner.

    I’m constantly surprised and impressed by the images my own iPhone 6s can capture. No, it’s not DSLR quality, but my phone is eminently portable and easy to use. So it’s a good complement to the Big Rig.

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