Franklin Graham

An $880,000 Income?!

Franklin GrahamThe Charlotte Observer is reporting that Franklin Graham, son of famed evangelist, Billy Graham (96 as of this writing), made $880,000 last year from two of his income sources: BGEA (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association) and Samaritan’s Purse.1 Who knows how much he makes from other sources like publications, etc.

Pablo Eisenberg, senior fellow at the Georgetown Center for Public and Nonprofit Leadership, calls Franklin Graham’s salary “outrageous” and states Graham is excessively (2x) overpaid compared to other similar international non-profit relief organizations. “It’s a moral issue, particularly for a man of faith.” He calls attention to the conflict of interest since family members, such as his father, Billy, serve in paid positions on the board. He highlights the fact that tax payers subsidize Franklin Graham’s salary. While not illegal, he states this is very poor practice for a non-profit organization. I recommend this short video by Brittany Peterson of Pablo Eisenberg.

In 2009 Franklin Graham is reported to have sent this memo to the BGEA staff:

I feel that God has called me to this ministry and [sic] that calling was never based on compensation.”

Hmmm. Seems times may have changed.

I highly recommend the entire August 8, 2015, article by Tim Funk and Ames Alexander in the Charlotte Observer. It shows what a profitable growth industry being a good Samaritan has become! I personally find this no less a vulgar and crass exploitation of good people than the salary of the CEO of Goodwill! Good people need to stop giving their hard earned money, time and talents to people I consider to be thieves hiding under the cloak of goodness.

Wrong. Simply Wrong!

  1. This is down from the $1.2 million he received in 2008.