The Times in Which We Live! Laws & Smartphones

For your reading and watching pleasure I’ve selected 3 articles from one of my favorite RSS feeds that I suspect most people will find of interest. The articles focus on GA laws and on smartphones. Enjoy! Your GA Laws Are Copyrighted The State of Georgia claims that its statutes are a copyrighted work and is suing Carl Malamud and,… Continue reading

Embracing Our Personal Fallibility

My love of many TED talks has never been a secret. This talk by Kathryn Schultz, staff writer for the New Yorker and the author of “Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error,” in no exception. Because of seeing so many Facebook rampages [for just one example: on both sides of the marriage equality debate where people are just… Continue reading

I Was a Strange Child…

with a huge imagination. I grew up on the Gulf Coast, and virtually lived at the beach. As a little kid I had this crazy desire to see the Gulf of Mexico without any water in it. I wanted to see the seafloor. I was conflicted, however, as I feared this would kill all of the sea life. I know,… Continue reading