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Going Once, Going Twice, SOLD!

American FlagI’m all for capitalism. I’m all for people making a fair buck. But I am a huge supporter of socialism, too.

How can this be?

We, in the United States, owe our children a free education. That’s socialism. And I am all for it!

In fact, I think providing every child with a free, quality education is one of the greatest investments we can make in the future of this country. So, socialism is patriotic, too!

Why is my dander up about education? Because Mr. Bush, W’s brother, is running for POTUS, and he is a huge, huge, huge supporter of privatizing American public schools! Teachers are too expensive when technology can teach at a fraction of the cost—1 teacher can teach 2,000 kids sitting at a computer screen or with an iPad at home without the onerous expense of school buildings. It goes so much deeper, but this is actually not what I’m writing about today.1

German FlagGermany has the astonishing good sense to provide college degrees to ANYBODY2 at all of their institutions of higher learning for only $120 per semester, and your student ID card provides you with limitless free public transit! Health insurance is a whopping $87 per month. With student college debt now exceeding $1.3 trillion—that’s a “T!”, thousands of US students are heading off to Germany to get an education. And why wouldn’t they?!3

Oh, no worries, not many US students speak German?


All of the technical degrees are being taught 100% in English! (Degrees in philosophy and other cultural sciences will be taught exclusively in German.)

Germany has the good sense to invest in its future, anticipating that many of the world’s brightest and best will choose to continue to live in Germany after they graduate. They are aggressively seeking the brightest and most capable minds in the world, while we saddle ours with crushing debt.

If I were a high school student today, interested in a technical field, I would be there in less than a heartbeat.

I can not overstate how significant this is. While Germany steals our brightest young people, we sell our future for a quick buck: k-12 testing instead of teachers, charter school terminals instead of teachers, and crushing student debt.

Our future is Going, Going, GONE!

Wake up, America!

If I sounded like I was yelling, you’re damn right! I am!

  1. I lamented this week that I was once a huge proponent of technology in public education, the very thing that is now its greatest threat. 

  2. with a 3.0 or better 

  3. Source: Thousands of American kids are getting free university educations in Germany