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Someone Really Doesn’t Want You to Read This

Warning Do Not ReadLast Friday I wrote a quick post to my blog: Relationship between Baltimore and Marriage Equality?

It was read by one person. Apparently this person became angry and then immediately launched a distributed denial of service attack on my blog causing my server to crash. I didn’t have time, at that time, to deal with it1; so, my blog was down for 5.5 hours while I dealt with other matters.

Naturally, I find this really amusing, almost like a right of passage!

Someone seems to be annoyed that I would draw attention to the extreme conservative view that the riots in Boston are wrong but the extremists’ desire to wage anarchy in the US if the SCOTUS passes marriage equality is right. And to prove that point, the reader decided to wage anarchy in cyber space to bring down my blog, as if that’s right, too.

Well, I’ve begun taking precautions on my site to make it more resistant to such attacks. In the meantime, why not read and share the link, Relationship between Baltimore and Marriage Equality, if for no other reason than to piss off an extremist. (I always did have a rebellious streak!)

  1. in fact, at the time I was notified my server was down, I didn’t know this was the reason and assumed my hosting provider would fix the issue 

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