Our Thanksgiving Sunset of Point Bonita (PoBo)

Thanksgiving Sunset on Overdrive

Those who know me know that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday by far. This past Thanksgiving1 was an extended holiday.

Steve spent about a week out on the west coast and cooked his best Thanksgiving meal ever! Delicious. In our typical fashion of trying to minimize waist2, we did’t cook a turkey—just a ham. He cooked on Tuesday; so, we could eat the leftovers through Thanksgiving Day. We headed off to Atlanta3 on that Friday and didn’t want to throw out a lot of food!

It felt like we basically had a whole week of Thanksgiving! After our first Thanksgiving dinner, we went for a walk around Hawk Hill. The sunset was the most vivid4 I think I’ve ever seen. I only had my iPhone with me to shoot this photo, but it gives some small sense of how deeply color saturated the sky was.

Gorgeous view of the Point Bonita Lighthouse where we volunteered! That speck of light at the end of the land mass is the lighthouse. The tiny specks of light along the horizon are large ships destined for the Gold Gate. The camera field of view is so limited, but this gives a small sense of the beautiful sunset.

Our Thanksgiving Sunset of Point Bonita (PoBo)

  1. Sorry for the delay in posting. Life has been busier than normal! 

  2. A little word play there for those paying attention 

  3. to buy a house 

  4. I’ve seen more of the sky covered by intensely colored clouds, but the clouds in this sunset were the most deeply color saturated.