Gramophone closeup

Modern Day Gramophone

I came across this old photo in the attic at grandma’s: her old gramophone playing her old iPad, circa 1929 or so.

Gramophone for iOS

Obviously it didn’t come from grandma’s house. The Gramophone came from Restoration Hardware a couple of weeks ago and acoustically amplifies the music from the handheld device you place in the slit. It actually works amazingly well. The sound travels into the hollow bottom and then out the metal horn shape. It gains a slightly vintage sound. I love it!

Gramophone closeup

I’m growing so weary of dealing with technology that doesn’t work, systems that get “upgraded” and then don’t work properly! Having a simple device that actually works and harkens back to a technically simpler day is refreshing!

The gramophones comes in 2 different sizes: a smaller one for the smaller handheld devices like smartphones and a larger one for tablet-sized devices. I got the one that will hold the iPad, but it works equally as well with an iPhone in it. The metal horn can be positioned at will.

Gramophone Catalog Image from Restoration Hardware

Tim Likes!