Conrad the iBeast

Happy Birthday Conrad the Kat

Conrad the iBeast
Conrad the iBeast

Conrad the Kat, our animaux sauvage, was born on November 1, 1999.

Today is his birthday.

He is 15 years old!

He actually has a really good life.

He spends it demanding his fresh kill at 5:30am and again at 5:00pm.

He suddenly, and for no apparent reason, runs around the house in unexpected fits of uncontrolled speed, careening all over the hard wood floors.

He frequently talks to people. Sometimes he carries on extended conversations. I talk back to him. I’m not really sure what we are ever really talking about, but we talk. A lot.

He sits in my lap every chance he gets.

He prefers to be in the same room people are in.

He doesn’t know any strangers and just loves meeting new people. The little boy who lived next door in Manhattan Beach wanted to invite him over for a sleep over. His mother didn’t think it was a good idea as she is allergic to cats.

He becomes very upset when things are moved. He likes things in their place. If you move something, he must thoroughly explore it from every angle in its new location.

He expects things to be done on time: being served his fresh kill, being placed on the bed (He’s too fat and old to jump up there himself now.) just before bedtime, and having the sleeve monster visit him while he’s on the bed (which is about the most exercise he gets).

He spends most of his life sleeping. He is pictured above in his favorite chair1 just after a long day’s nap.

He also spends a significant amount of time purring. In fact, when we adopted him, they told us to put him in a small room first, like a bathroom, because he would be skittish at first. After he explored it, he might venture out, but this process could take time. No. Not Conrad. He literally was purring the instant he leapt out of the box and started roaming around the whole house.

Happy Birthday, beast!

  1. covered with a towel because he sheds so much