Replay App for iPad

Replay: A Saturday in October

Replay App for iPadReplay

I first heard of this simple iOS movie app, Replay, in the Apple Keynote this past week. It’s free. I thought I would check it out. Indeed, it works as represented: a really easy way to select photos and video from an event or day and create a fast, relatively interesting movie with a variety of theme choices available. We now collect so many photos and so much video with our smartphones, yet we don’t have the time to create interesting content with that media. This app is designed to address that issue.

In a matter of minutes, here is what it did from media I shot yesterday. Everything (shooting and assembling) was done on my iPhone 6 Plus.

I’m impressed with the app: simple and fast to use while creating something of interest with little need for thought. For flooding the commons with more gratuitous media content:Tim likes.