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The Hotel Blue is an interesting historic building built on the docks in Sydney in the late 1800’s. It has a cool vibe, and I mean that figuratively as well as literally. During the winter, the long main, long corridor of the hotel opens to the outside near the center. The cold morning air had filled the corridor which is so long you can not see from one end to the other. Large space heaters like the ones you commonly see in outdoor patios are located in the water bar and the restaurant.

This pano is one of the more technically challenging panos I’ve ever produced. It’s shot in HDR (high dynamic range with 2 stop exposure brackets), which really opens it up.

And, the east and west side interior of the building are virtually, but not completely, identical, making stitching the images together a real challenge. PTGui kept thinking the east and west images were the exact same image—a huge headache until I learned how to deal with that. I had to get help from the collective brain in the Facebook Panorama Group. They gave me some excellent suggestions, which I am including at the end of this post. (Don’t want to forget them!) Because the pano is filled with straight lines, getting the images properly aligned was critically important.

Enjoy the pano. The hotel has an eclectic, industrial charm.

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Facebook Post

Question for PTGui users:
I’m attempting to stitch the interior of Hotel Blue in Sydney. The two opposing (east/west) shots of the interior have so much identical symmetry (like a mirror image!) the software thinks the opposing sides are the same image and assigns control points within the two sides as if they were the same shot and destroys the alignment of all of the previous images. Is there some way to lock down the control points for 4 or 5 of the images before adding the other shots that the software thinks are already in the pano and then manually add their control points?

I’ve tried everything I can think of: align 2, then 3, then 4… images, adding one at a time, but once I add the opposite side (east or west) it all goes crazy!
Ideas from the collective brain?


Felipe B. González: Adding points by hand should work. Don´t trust PtGui with complex repeating pattern carpets too.

Simon Nobes: With 2 adjacent images showing side by side in the control point editor, press Ctrl+Shift+G (in Windows, not sure of the equivalent in OSX) and PTGui will seek out and add CPs for just those two images. Rinse and repeat all the way round . . .

Thomas Bredenfeld: had this symmetry troubles in some projects. e.g. north and south were not really indentical, but enough to let ptgui go nuts. east and west were different. stitch was successful after skipping south first, generating CPs for the 1st 3 images (E,N,W) and then inserting the missing 4th image (S). pano can be seen here:

what also helps: do not generate CPs globally for the whole project, but progressing in pairs (1&2, 2&3, 3&4, 4&1) with »[menu] => controlpoints => generate controlpoints for selected images. no manual CP placement needed.

Cedric FrozenjaZz Simon: I often do what Simon Nobes recommends (Ctrl+Shif+G), but I also recently discovered that you can select an area with shift + click, you draw a rectangle in which you want control point to be placed, and PTGui tries to find matching points. Extremely useful for me who now only shoot hand held.

Simon Nobes: Yes Cedric FrozenjaZz Simon, that’s a trick I often use too but I’m thinking that PTGui needs the images to be fairly accurately aligned before it will work. I don’t know if you can expect much if you start with the Shift+click rectangle . . .

Pietro Madaschi: Be side using the control points etc, if you have the Pro version, you might find useful to modify the images parameters in Advanced Mode

In order to set up manually the proper direction of every image
Main Window: Image Parameters tab

This page contains a table where the parameters of each image can be edited numerically. It is visible only in Advanced mode.

Hans Keesom: Send them yo me and i will run apg on them