The Pinkerton and Kiwi

New Zealand: Day 15 – A Very, Very, Very Long Travel Day

The Pinkerton and Kiwi
The Pinkerton and Kiwi

The day started at 4:00am. Ug!

Things went fairly close to script.

My bag was lighter returning home than going. How the bag became lighter is beyond me. I added a stuffed, plush, Kiwi, who, having heard so much about him, wanted to meet The Pinkerton back in the states.

Much to my disappointment, I was unable to sleep on the long flight from Sydney. I took my magic pills, but they didn’t do a thing this time. So, I ended up watching 2 movies and several HBO comedy series shows.

The other big disappointment on the trip: the Delta flight from LAX to SFO was delayed by 2 hours. Once everyone boarded the plane, it was still another 10 – 15 minutes before we took off. I fell so soundly asleep waiting to take off that as we finally started down the runway, I woke up thinking we had landed! Otherwise, this was an easy return trip.

On this longest travel day ever, we arrived in San Francisco not long after taking off from New Zealand. Time is such a strange thing. And so, a wonderful vacation-to-end-all-vacations comes to a close.


Numerous pictures to follow soon.