Room with a View Time Lapse

Time Lapse Composite

Room with a View Time LapseI wanted to do something a little bit different with this time lapse of the fog blasting through the Golden Gate; so, I decided to make a time lapse composite: Room with a View.

I shot a picture of the view from the living room. It was bright outside; so, it wasn’t possible to expose for both the outside and the inside. I really didn’t need to expose for the outside, but I might use the photo for other things too. So, I shot a 2 stop bracketed HDR.

After creating the HDR and then removing the telephone pole, I took out the windows and everything outside the living room. I was surprised by the strong green color cast the plants from outside shine into the room. It’s very noticeable when the windows are cut out of the photo. So, I had to color correct the inside to tone down the green and yellow hues.

Next, I zoomed in on the photo to fill the 16:9 frame of a 1080 video and dropped in the time lapse movie of the Golden Gate. Next, I decided to add a little bit of motion tracking to add some visual interest.

I still wasn’t satisfied. The hard wood floor in the living room was not interacting at all with the color changes in the sky, making the room look very removed from what was going on just outside its windows. So, I composited in some of the sky in the shiniest areas of the floor to mimic the natural reflection that would exist. And yes, I even added a touch of the sky reflecting in the glass table top.

I also tried to do some different things with titles in this short video.

For my first time lapse composite, it turned out alright. I still have a lot to learn!