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Macro Photography: Tin Car on the Ocean

Pacific Surfer WoodieI was inspired by Kim Leuenberger’s awesome macro photography series: Traveling Cars Adventures. So today, with my little tin car in hand, I headed to Rodeo beach to shoot some traveling car adventures myself. The wind was completely out of control!1

Problems abounded!

  • My tripod was much too high to frame the shot I wanted—macros that included background of the surf and shoreline.
  • I shot too shallow for macro photography.
  • I had to decide: lens hood or polarizing filter. Both wouldn’t work together (fit on the lens).
  • And the wind! The wind! THE WIND!
  • My sunglasses quickly became covered with the salty mist in the air. I couldn’t see a thing. I knew my lens was also getting a thick coating of salty air, as well as my whole camera body. This was unusually fierce wind.

While I’m rusty on macro photography, I had hoped to get several really good shots. I got one!

My hair still looks like a bird’s nest from the wind. By the way, did I mention the wind?! We have an old southern express: “blow the taste right out of your mouth.”

So I took my lone shot (I actually got two macros—the one you see at the top of this post is the second.) and started playing around with it, well beyond what I would normally do when post processing an image. I had a bit of fun.

So, check out this 10 variations on my macros theme!

  1. I love the bay area! 

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