Joel Osteen and Wife

Tax Religion: Corporate Owned & Operated Jesus Factories

Joel Osteen and WifeSelling the Joel Osteen Brand of Corporate-Owned Jesus

Where two or more are gathered in my name, charge them $850 for the good seats! Yes, that’s the cost of the best seats at this year’s Joel Osteen Tour at Yankee Stadium. Praise the Lord!

Osteen will be hocking his brand and products at the event—selling everything Osteen. Praise the Lord!

And guess what, it’s tax-free! Praise the Lord!

What I find totally skanky is how Joel Osteen has made more money of [sic] the Bible than Peter, Paul, Timothy, Luke, The Sons of Zebedee, Mary, Malachi, and our Lord Jesus Christ (just to name a few). This Gospel was given Free Of Charge for our guidance,reflection, instruction, and connection with our God. Any gathering of Christians should be Free Of Charge just in case those who desire to convert from Islam or Hinduism are present, and in a same manner as the Great Apostles – we gain the opportunity to participate in The Great Commission.

Yes Joel Osteen is a Rock Star – but not for Christ. This upcoming tour is for the sole purpose of selling his products, and the promotion of his brand, none of which is in the service of our Lord1.

I wonder if they will be taking an offering too? You know, the Lord loves a cheerful giver.

Why, in the name of all that is holy, would anyone pay anything to hear this man say anything? Tax religion!

I strongly support taxing these corporate thugs. This is charlatanism that has nothing to do with the message of Jesus. This is your traveling snake oil salesman—enriching himself off the superstitions2, suffering, and ignorance of others. This is theft.

This is a corporate owned and operated Jesus factory that gets to operate tax free3. I wonder how much money he shelters off shore to avoid paying income tax? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Joel is worth a cool $40,000,0004. You see, God is really blessing his Jesus factory, isn’t he! Joel must be very close to God! Praise the Lord!

Tax religion!

Praise the Lord!

  1. Source: Joel Osteen Tour Ticket Prices Reach $850: Cost Of Gospel Hits All Time High! at The whole article is worth the read. 

  2. Does paying $850 to attend this Jesus factory mean I really love God—a lot? Do I get bonus points or curry extra favor? 

  3. Isn’t the Lord good?! 

  4. Source:  Celebrity Net Worth 

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