Steve As the Red Devil, Halloween, 2009

Would You Have Called the Police?

From My Friend Sharon’s Timeline

Leaving IHOP the other day, the manager called after us, ‘Be careful out there. Satan‘s at work!’ Fascinating twist on ‘Have a nice day.'”

Steve As the Red Devil, Halloween, 2009Her status update made me laugh. She’s not just a brilliant writer (professionally, actually), her beautiful karma invites interesting energy into her day-to-day life.

And at Work He Is Indeed…

We had Nick, our car, washed and therefore didn’t want to get it dusty last Saturday when we decided to go for one of our traditional walks at Fort Baker. So, we parked in a different spot that didn’t require driving on dirt roads. I noticed a late model, black Jaguar with gorgeous tan leather interior parked nearby on the dirt. It was the only other car parked here besides ours, and this was an unusual place to park a car at this time of day unless you might be going for a long walk around Fort Baker. I just assumed the owner was out walking or hiking the area as well.

As I said, our walks around Fort Baker are routine. We returned the next evening and parked in the same place for the same reason. The Jaguar was still there—unmoved. Odd.

We now actually like parking further away from the water and having a longer walk down to the breakwater and back. So, our decision to park in our new location is no longer born of our desire to keep the car from getting all dirty and dusty from the unpaved roads.

We returned for a third day: Jaguar unmoved. Now I’m wondering what’s wrong. No one would leave a car like this in the same, out-of-the-way location for 3 days. Even if the owner had a sailboat in the harbor, the owner would have parked by the docks, not way up here.

Something about this is not right. Imagination running wild: Is a dead body in the trunk? Was the body discarded out at sea?

Should I do something? What?

The Clock Is Ticking

Throughout the week I drove down to check: Was the car still there? The car remained unmoved. I’ll wait a week.

After a week, the car was filthy from cars passing by it on the dirt road. Time to call the police. But which police department? This is on federal park property, not really in Sausalito‘s jurisdiction. But I feel more connected to the Sausalito police department. So I called.

I gave them the information about the car and that I had seen it there for a whole week. Who knows exactly how long it was there. We then went for our walk.

The SWAT Team Arrives

We were walking along the breakwater when we saw the SWAT team arrive and surround the car in the distance. OK, so it wasn’t a SWAT team. Two Park Police vehicles arrived. They walked all around the car.

We bagan our walk back to our car, which was parked near the black Jag.

Conversation with the Police

When we got back to our car, the police were finished and about to leave. I told them I was the one who had called it in and asked if there was a story.

Indeed, the car was stolen. I’m sure that’s probably all I’ll ever hear about it. But, knowing the car was stolen raises more questions in my mind than it answers.

Why not immediately chop up the car like I presume “professional” car thieves do? Why not ship it out of the area, the country? Was it insurance fraud? Was something even more sinister afoot? …

I guess I should have called this in much sooner, but you never really realize that you need to be careful out there. Satan’s at work!

Have a nice day.

Halloween House in Manhattan Beach
Our Halloween House in Manhattan Beach