Lyndon Johnson

What’s the First Thing You Think of…

when I say: Lyndon B. Johnson?

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Lyndon B. Johnson
Lyndon B. Johnson
[hr] [twocol_one]For me, having grown up during his presidency, I think of Vietnam. Footage from the war was on TV every night. It was horrible, ghastly, never ending.

But this is not what most concerned LBJ and the  Democratic Party at the time. Apparently they had extended conversations about what passing the Civil Rights Act would cost them. While they hoped they would enfranchise enough new voters to avoid it, they absolutely expected that pushing the Civil Rights Act through would cost the Democrats an entire generation in elections.

But Johnson correctly believed he alone was in the unique position to be able to do what was right.


They were wrong.

This unique display of doing what is right cost them more than 1 generation.

Some hope that the last of the generations loath to extend equal treatment to all voters will be dying off soon. I’m not so sure.

The election of a black president, which elated me, especially since I thought it impossible, has shown how racism still simmers just beneath the surface of this nation’s skin. Numerous states, all Republican owned and operated, are working hard to disenfranchise voters again.

Must we go through all of this again?! Thank you SCOTUS![/twocol_one_last]