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Random Acts of Kindness

FxFactory Logo No Background[dropcap]P[/dropcap]eople who know me are aware of my love of dabbling with photography, video, Final Cut Pro X (FCPx) and the like. FCPx can utilize plugins to help producers realize their creative visions. One such plugin, created by Yanobox, is Nodes, which is distributed through FxFactory.

I first became aware of Nodes, a generative motion graphics plugin, about 9 months ago. It is very powerful! But, unfortunately, it did not work in FCPx, just the previous iterations of the Final Cut Pro Suite. With a specific project in mind, I emailed Yanobox to see if they were planning on releasing an update to Nodes that would work with the latest version of FCP, version X. I was told that yes, they were working hard to release Nodes 2, which would even be more awesome and would run in FCPX.

Yanobox suggested I consider purchasing Nodes 1 because the upgrade path would be far less expensive than purchasing Nodes 2 as an initial purchase. So, I purchased Nodes 1, even though I wouldn’t be using it since I removed the older version of FCP Studio from my computer.

Today, Yanobox released Nodes 2.

Yanobox Nodes 2

Wow!, Simply, WOW!!

I did not see how to upgrade from Nodes 1 and emailed Yanobox to inquire. JeanMarc, from Yanobox, suggested I email FxFactory to get my upgrade code directly from them. Oh dear! I was afraid I was about to get the business to business run around. But, as JeanMarc suggested, I explained to FxFactory my previous purchase, provided the purchase reference number and last year’s email exchanges with Yanobox, and requested the discounted upgrade code.

Imagine my shock when Niclas, at FxFactory, just straight away issued me a free license to Nodes 2, no upgrade fee required! Amazing! I was shocked!

Now, that’s just really good business practice! I’ve always been impressed with FxFactory’s video support library and the ease of use of their distribution model. Today, they got a lot of customer loyalty from this very happy video dabbler!

Thanks to Yanobox for an awesome plugin: Nodes 2. And thanks to FxFactory for their random act of kindness! You guys all rock. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this plugin!

Check out how Nodes 2 has already been used in Ender’s Game.

And check out a demo of some of the plugin’s power in the video below…

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