Salmon in Crispy Prosciutto

Tender, Flaky Salmon in Crispy Prosciutto — Yum!

Salmon in Crispy ProsciuttoEvery time I go to Saylor’s restaurant, on Bridgeway Boulevard in Sausalito, they seem genuinely glad to see me and go out of their way to be welcoming. I’ve been eating here regularly for over two years now.

Last week, they had a special: Salmon wrapped in crisped strips of prosciutto served with pesto, garlic mashed potatoes, and steamed spinach. It was divine! The salmon was light, flaky, and tender. Each bite of the prosciutto was a delicate, brittle crunch packed with delicious flavor.

So last night, I asked if they had this dinner of the gods again. I didn’t remember what it was called, but I knew I didn’t see it on the menu among their salmon entrées.

The waiter, who works there every time I’ve ever visited, checked with the cook to see exactly what it was. He returned to tell me what I had loved so much the previous week and inform me it wasn’t on the menu tonight. Then he said: “But I will have him prepare it for you anyway.”

It was as delicious as the first time: such flaky salmon cooked to perfection.

I like Saylor’s, and I really appreciate their service!

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  1. God that looks great and sounds better. Memo to self- Do something with salmon sunday night (but it won’t be near that scrumptious)…

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