Chloe Damaged

Chloé Is in the Hospital…

You know, it’s embarrassing.

I mean, if I were a drinker, people might understand: he was drunk and ran into the stone wall by the driveway. But, well I don’t, and I still managed to back into the stone wall by the drive way.

I swear. It was like I was in slow motion on Tuesday, maybe running about half speed, if that. I was backing out a different way so my neighbor could more easily get into the car. We were heading to a meeting together. I was watching the front carefully. These California garages are much too small. I didn’t want to hit the house with the front of the car when I turned in this odd direction.


Someone moved that stone wall. Had to have!

Hmm… That doesn’t work so well. How about the Sudafed. I really was floating away on that stuff. (This congestion just will not go away!)

I have to admit to being amazed at how much damage a stone wall, which wasn’t hurt at all, can do. But, thankfully, since I never left our property, the car insurance will not go up. (Weird, isn’t it!)

Chloe Damaged