Snowing in the Grand Canyon

Northern Arizona, Day Three — Travel from Grand Canyon to Sedona

Morning Back at the Canyon

I am just entranced by the Grad Canyon! Every time you look at it, the view is different, even in the very same place! And beyond that, it’s just so big, so crazy, insane big! The canyon actually looks fake! It looks like a big backdrop someone painted and hung out at a distance.

I just can’t get my head around how enormous this thing is!

This morning, before heading to Flagstaff and then down to Sedona, we stopped by the canyon’s south rim again. Unlike yesterday, today we had sunshine: sunshine and a good bit less wind. Well, we had sunshine for a brief period, and we had less wind for even a shorter period.

Out of the blue, literally, it began snowing heavily. Well, I think it was snow. Vast amounts of small white round pellets, totally spherical, began blasting in every direction, through the air. This wasn’t sleet; I don’t think. It didn’t seem cold enough, but then, I was already frozen. I think it was a kind of snow I’ve never seen before. It actually felt like little tiny spheres of weightless styrofoam. Odd, indeed.

Grand Canyon

Snowing in the Grand Canyon

Snow bow in the Grand Canyon
Snow bow (left bottom third) in the Grand Canyon

As the wind picked back up, the snow storms (Yes, there were several in the space of 30 minutes.) quickly blew over us and into the canyon. The canyon is so large, it has numerous “micro” climates, all clearly visible (and many not, I’m sure) from the edge. As the sunshine followed the snow clouds, we could all see snow bows out in the canyon. Jeeze!

I love this place.

I will return! The time lapses! The panos!


The drive to Flagstaff was intensely snow-filled. In areas, against the huge open sky, you could see the storms coming and going in the distance. Northern Arizona is beautiful country!

Route 89A, from Flagstaff to Sedona, is also gorgeous. You drive through canyons and gulches. I had driven this route before but was unaware that this 2 lane road is the main route between the two cities. I was delighted to drive it again. Initially, I was afraid that as darkness began to fall, the temperature, which was hovering right at freezing, would ice the roads. But the drop in altitude solved that concern.

And then: Sedona!

How thee I do love!