Travel Suitcase

Northern Arizona, Day One — Travel to the Grand Canyon

Travel SuitcaseWell, today ranks up there among the very worst travel experiences I’ve had in my life. We had to go from San Francisco through Los Angeles to Phoenix via air. Then we had to rent a car and drive up to the Grand Canyon in rush hour. I’m not complaining about any of that.

Delta had severe flight delays into LAX because of thick fog. We finally landed at LAX and had to sit on the tarmac because everything was grounded and the little stall for our buggy was occupied. I feared we would miss our connecting flight but hoped it too was delayed because of the weather. It was. I’m not complaining about this.

Upon landing in Phoenix we realized Delta did not get our bags on our Phoenix flight. Our bags were not scheduled to land until 9 – 10pm. Ok. Now, I’m complaining. We had several hours to drive yet! Delta assured us they would fly our bags up to Flagstaff and drive them to the Grand Canyon. We should have them by 11 – 12pm. Really… Riiiiight…

Nope. But we did get them by 8am the next morning. Not too bad.

Then, after picking up the car from Hertz, we had to wait in a long, long line of people trying to get out of the Hertz car rental facility. Hertz only had one lane open! One lane?! I’m guessing about 50 cars were piled up in this line. Finally, calm Tim got out of the car and went and pitched a royal fit! They then opened up 3 more lines. Yes, I’m complaining!

We, naturally, got in the line where the person in front of us lost their drivers’ license or something important and brought the line to a dead stop for 10 minutes while they were tearing the car apart looking for it. I was within a heartbeat of getting out of the car again and raising hell when the Hertz person finally made them pull out of the line to continue bumbling around.

Shame on Hertz! Worst customer service I’ve ever received from a car rental place! Ever!

But, our reward for all of this waiting was that we saw, during the drive up, one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen in my life. Luckily, we were driving past the official sunset viewing area (I’m not kidding!) when it actually was sunset. Big, huge, vividly colored sky going on for eternity! Stunning, stunning, stunning! We didn’t take the time to stop because we had so far to go in the dark to get to the hotel. Truly jaw dropping!

And to dog out Hertz again, our new car, for no discernible reason,  kept turning off cruise control! It was so irritating! The speed limit up to Flagstaff is generally 75, and we wanted to make some time. The cruise control kicked off at least a dozen times—at least!

Long day.