Un-retouched iPhone Shot of Sausalito Sunrise

Explosive Sunrise

Yesterday’s sunrise over the bay was without any doubt the most gorgeous sunrise I’ve ever seen. The vortex causing all of the freezing cold weather in the rest of the nation is causing us to get no rain and have a tremendous amount of air pollution. I suspect that air pollution helped create the astonishing sunrise yesterday.

Un-retouched iPhone Shot of  Sausalito Sunrise
Un-retouched iPhone Shot (click to enlarge)


Unfortunately, I thought I wouldn’t have time to get my good camera out and get to a location to actually take some good shots. So, I grabbed my iPhone and shot this measly little glimpse. It only gives a sense of the color in one small area of the sky, not the fact that almost the whole sky was just on fire with color for over 30 minutes–the longest sunrise magic hour I’ve ever witnessed.

So today I saw similar cloudiness brewing with my morning tea and went to the headlands with my good camera and a wide angle lens, hoping for a repeat performance. No such luck. Below is as vivid as the colors got. But, you know, how can you go wrong in the bay area?!

Golden Gate Bridge Bay Sunrise HDR
Today’s Sunrise in HDR (click to enlarge)

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