Foggy Sunrise

San Francisco Bay Fog Horns

Foggy Sunrise

We went down to Fort Baker to have a short walk. It was night and completely dark. A dense wall of fog had softly crept in under the Golden Gate Bridge.

In this short (30 second) iPhone recording, you can hear: a large ship’s fog horn (first sound) followed by the Golden Gate Bridge‘s fog horn (one low blast followed by two higher pitches). You then even hear the faint fog horn from Alcatraz just before the second low blast of the bridge’s fog horn at the very end.

The wall of fog was out in the bay. We couldn’t even see the city. But, the fog wasn’t too high; so, the tops of the bridge towers were visible as well as the light (a glow) from the city itself that could be seen behind and above the wall of fog. The large ship that was passing the Fort Baker point appeared as an other-worldly, faint, glowing, elongated orb passing through the dense fog.

I just love the fog in the north bay!

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One thought on “San Francisco Bay Fog Horns”

  1. I would like to hear more of that, say with heavier traffic. Makes me want to write some more bad poetry with what you can and can’t see and what you can and can’t know. Fog and wind, an experience unknown to far too many…

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