Ocean Side Bodega Bay

Living on Bodega Bay

You can rent this lovely home!

I shot the house for friends, who own it and rent it out. This album features a number of interior HDR shots. Our friends plan to use some of these photos on their website promoting the rental of the home. Once I have their OK, I’ll add their number and link to the house website for those who are interested in more information.

Not only is the home itself magnificent, but the views are spectacular. And you’re just a short walk from the ocean and the bay. Really nice!

The photos I shot of the upstairs in the late setting sun had very dramatic lighting: high contrast shadows. I also need to return and shoot the upstairs in the morning light as I’m sure it will convey another of the many, completely different moods of the space.

Additionally, for comparison purposes, I’ve included original shots (0 exposure adjustments, just as your typical camera would shoot the space) next to HDR (high dynamic range) shots. The HDR shots open up (brighten) dark areas of an image and tone down (darken) very bright areas of an image. This process presents an interior space more like the human eye actually sees it. Our eyes are such amazing sensing devices: able to perceive a vast dynamic range of brightness, taking in much more dynamic range than a camera can capture in a single exposure. HDR images, for example, allow us to see outside a very bright window without making the interior appear much darker than the eye actually sees it.

Often, you will notice that the original image (0 exposure adjustment) shifts a bit (angles) in the HDR image and may even be reframed entirely differently. In this setup, to create an HDR image, 3 images are used at 3 different exposures. After the 3 are merged into a single shot, then I correct for camera lens distortion. Then I frame the shot: fine tune the exact angle I want the viewer to see. This is what often results in a slight (though occasionally dramatic) “shift” in view.

Here is a pano of the upstairs followed by numerous interior and exterior shots.

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