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The Mavericks, Quick Look, Mac Pro Debacle…

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Apple‘s walled garden has its advantages and disadvantages. When you have problems, have AppleCare and use all Apple products, their support is part of that huge advantage!

I upgraded 10.8.5 to 10.9, Mavericks. Quick Look allows the user to see files in the Finder. Additionally, the user can select a file and press the spacebar to immediately preview the file in a larger popup window. I was surprised to see how much I routinely depend on Quick Look!

After the upgrade, Quick Look stopped working properly. It worked for most file types, just not jpegs, tiffs, or pngs. I also lost a lot of rendered transitions in FCPX.

Apple support spent a significant amount of time with me trying to resolve this issue. Keep in mind that my Mac Pro 3,1 is over 5 years old, and Apple is still supporting this issue because it is related to the new, free, Mavericks operating system upgrade which comes with a free 90 day support period.

Despite hours and hours over several days, the issue was not to be resolved. I even, as a last resort, did an erase and install of the hard drive on which the OS lives. (The dreaded last step!)

Well, turns out the dreaded last step didn’t solve it either.

Nvidia Quadro K5000 for MacMy best guess: OS 10.9 is incompatible with my graphics card, the Nvidia Quadro K5000 for Mac, one kick ass graphics card–must not be compatible with Mavericks. Nvidia does not list compatibility with 10.9 with their latest driver updates, and the card uses 3 drivers: the Web Driver: 313.01.03f02, the CUDA driver: 5.5.28, and the GPU driver: 8.17.74 (313.01.03f02).

So, the new dreaded last step was downgrading the OS back to 10.8.5, something Apple does not recommend. “Why?” I asked.  Because OS upgrades frequently update firmware. Firmware updates can not be undone and often result in incompatibility with the older OS.

O dear!

Worst case scenario: I would have to go back up to 10.9 and live with the Quick Look issues. Dreadful, but my hardware wasn’t going to be fried alive.

Well, the downgrade to 10.8.5 has been successful. All issues appear to be resolved.

A whole week with technology and nothing accomplished! I hate that! My greatest pet peeve is when technology causes time to evaporate, which is why I am not a gamer.

BTW: There are several comments in the Apple forums about this and worse issues on MacBook Pros. Be advised.

2 thoughts on “The Mavericks, Quick Look, Mac Pro Debacle…”

  1. “Keep in mind that my Mac Pro 3,1 is over 5 years old” is a key factor. Try even getting anybody to answer the phone when calling about a 5-year-old Dell or HP. I think it’s possible, while it was indeed an inconvenience to you, that “debacle” might be overstating it a bit. To be fair to hardware and software manufacturers, they simply can’t be required to make everything new work in every way with every machine everywhere.

    Plus, think how much fun it will be to buy a new Mac!

    1. Hi Pete! I only use the word “debacle” after I start twitching uncontrollably followed by rolling around on the floor foaming at the mouth. OK… So, a bit overstated. That was the frustration at a week’s evaporated time talking. And yes, I do give Apple kudos for supporting my issue at all! (But that’s why I buy their products instead of Wintels.)

      Yes, I can’t wait to get the new Mac Pro even though I really dislike buying first release products. My 3,1 barely can run FCPX, and then only with this new graphics card. So, I’ll buy the new one if Apple ever gets it out the door.

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