Burly Bakers

Burly Bakers

Burly Bakers
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On Saturday I walked over a mile to meet the Burly Baker, himself—Bill. From Atlanta, he was in town for the weekend. Bill is actually a computer geek by trade. At lunch he handed me a box of his Brown Butter Cashew Blondies. With a glint in his eyes, he rhapsodized over how they are made and what’s in them. Knowing I love butter, he talked about the special process used to infuse them with as much butter as possible.




I’ve already eaten them all!

The taste! The packaging! The weight! (These blondies are dense!!)

We talked over lunch about his passion for baking. Rather than selling wholesale to Atlanta area restaurants and coffee shops, he chooses to sell mail order. (They ship nationwide.) Why? Because he loves baking. He would have to bake about 10,000 units a month to do wholesale. Instead: he wants to love what he does: craft amazingly delicious desserts.

I’m telling you, these things are amazing! They would make great holiday gifts and company gifts. Tim likes and highly recommends. Now, where is my insulin…

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