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Subtitle: Am I just that much of a jerk in my old age?

Californians got a startling late-night introduction to a statewide emergency alert system when their cell phones began buzzing, blaring and flashing with the news that San Diego County siblings had been kidnapped.

For many, it was the first time they knew about an all-but-hidden feature on their phones that allows government agencies to notify them about emergencies such as a looming storm, a terrorist attack – or the kidnapping of two children …”

Well, apparently I wasn’t the only person annoyed as hell when my cell phone went berserk. Many other Californians were outraged as well.

I was instructed to call a number if I saw a specific license plate. Yeah, right!

I’ll be explicit: I don’t trust government any more. I mean, when the FBI can go to Orlando, Florida, to interview a young man in his own home and hours into the interview shoot him dead and then offer a half dozen completely conflicting stories about what went down and then refuse to answer to any congressional oversight  asking for a closed-door explanation, the government is renegade, is out of control, is completely untrustworthy. Did Ibragim Todashev have a gun, a knife, a pole, a broom stick, or did he just turn the table over? Which story are we to believe? Maybe he just pissed off the FBI? Can this government just kill, torture, indefinitely detain without charges who ever they want these days? Drones? FBI? What the hell! This is out of control!

Back to my Amber Alert

The vast majority of missing and abducted children cases are domestic disputes between estranged parents. I want nothing to do with their business. Leave me alone. Keep me out of it. Keep it on the milk cartons, because mine are made of glass! You see, I want transparency! I want to see what’s inside my milk carton, and I want to know what’s going on with my government—you know: the one I’m paying for (certainly not the mega-wealthy or their transglobal corporations!).

Additionally, I refuse to participate in the surveillance state. I refuse to be used by a government I do not believe or trust any longer.

Besides: I live in northern California. This incident happened in San Diego, that’s southern California.

Additionally, I don’t want the government to have access to what’s in my pocket.


Oh, but what about security? What about a terrorist attack?

You know, I’m sick of that excuse to trample all over our civil liberties, intrude into our personal lives, surveil every move we make, every email and phone call we send and receive. I don’t need any further reminders that a government that fails to work, fails to legislate, fails to represent “We the people,” does the inexcusable business of the extreme wealthy, and allows our jobs to be sent overseas, is also wallowing all over me, is with me at every turn, watching me, sending me alerts on my phone, has me on their ever-present leash making me into one of Pavlov’s dogs.

Yes, terrorist attacks are real. They are going to continue to happen. People are going to be killed. I might even end up being one of them. But the odds are insanely against it. I’m much more likely to be killed in a car accident; and yet, I still continue to choose to use automobiles!!

How much are we willing to give away for the fear of the most improbable chance event. And let’s dare not discuss how much we have spent as a nation on the military and surveillance industrial complex. We can’t afford to fund Social Security, infrastructure, and investments in the future, but we can afford this?! Where is the accountability?!

Until this government is accountable to the people of this country, get it out of my life!


News about the shooting of Ibragim Todashev: