Vox App Screenshot

Vox As iTunes Replacement on Mac?

Vox App ScreenshotSo the app Vox (Mac only, by Coppertino) came out of beta yesterday and is free; so, I decided to give it a whirl.

I no longer use iTunes to sync my devices, and I find the app, especially with the new design, overwhelming. At least 90% of the time, I only use it to play music from my library or convert an aiff for use on the web. I got tired of the frustration of trying to find the music in my library to which I wanted to listen. The new design… Argggg! I found myself listening less and less to my music as a result. Sad.

About Vox

I like it. The interface is simple, informative and easy to figure out. It plays music. The end.

  • It plays file formats iTunes will not play, but I’ve only needed that once some years ago.
  • It plays my playlists, creates playlists, or plays over 3,000 internet radio stations.
  • I can use my keyboard media control keys, which I used all the time with iTunes.
  • Airplay is a click away.
  • It boasts many other features, but these are the ones I will use most.
  • I had 3 questions about the install and feature set, and their tech support responded immediately. Amazing!
  • Alfred integration is on the way!

So, Tim likes.

Check it out.