Samsung Crystal Surround Air Track

Crystal Surround Air Track = Cool Beans

I’ve spent the past week-and-a-half putting together a little condo in Decatur. Pictures are coming soon, but not too soon so as not to spoil the reveal! (I feel like a renno TV program or something.)

One of the purchases: a Samsung Series 7 7100 LED TV. I love Samsung’s SmartTVs! They are so thin (less than an inch deep), bright, weigh next to nothing, and take the picture to the edge of the screen. And the SmartTV functionality is awesome. I run the internet connectivity through my Verizon MiFi card wireless network. And who knew that for the price of a small digital TV antenna, you get 61 crystal clear TV channels for free in metro Atlanta?! Forget the cable company rip off!

But what to do for sound?! In my old age, distinguishing speech from the music and sound effects tracks is getting harder to do (just like in noisy restaurants). I had to turn the TV up too loud to be able to understand the dialogue.

Samsung Crystal Surround Air TrackSo, I thought I would try the Samsung Crystal Surround Air Track Active Speaker System, HW-F450. The whole system comes in at $269 retail. I wasn’t sure what I would think, but the system had high customer satisfaction ratings, if those can be trusted.

I am very impressed. Now, this is by no means an audiophile’s system. But, it works very well. Here’s what I like most about it.

  • It connects to the TV automatically and without wires: through Bluetooth!
  • The speaker bar connects to the sub-woofer wirelessly, also through Bluetooth!
  • The speaker system connects to my iPhone/computer/iPad wirelessly through Bluetooth; so, I can play (wireless streaming just like in the car) my music from those devices.
  • The sound quality is excellent. Even at low volume levels I can clearly hear dialogue as the bass is moved out to the sub-woofer.
  • Connecting to devices is effortless. It just works.
  • Several other wired connection possibilities are also available (optical, 3/8ths inch, HDMI, USB), but I don’t use those.
  • It offers several sound enhancement features that work very well.

So I can now have the volume low and enjoy significantly improved audio fidelity.

Tim likes and recommends as a cost effective sound solution for condos and apartments!