Yet Another Reason…

Dislikefor us all to despise Facebook:

Steve posted to his Facebook timeline that he was pleasantly surprised by the SCOTUS‘s “stunningly sensible” decision ruling that corporations could not patent naturally occurring genes and hoped the SCOTUS would reconsider their disastrous ruling that corporations are people and have the same legal rights as people (specifically: unfettered participation in elections).

One of his right wing friends commented, saying “Companies consist of people, don’t they?”

[Oh, deliver my soul! I’ve always loved this comment: “I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one!”]

Steve responded that “Companies exist for the primary benefit of a small subset of people involved, their shareholders.  Example: the Waltons, the billionaire founders of Wal-Mart, have very different interests than the employees of Wal-Mart.”

It posted to his timeline that evening.

But Facebook removed it by morning. Facebook censored his content!

I’ve read death threats made in a moment of intense anger, yes, literally “I’m going to f*&$ing [spelled out in its entirety] kill [so and so].” on Facebook.

I’ve read inappropriate, public, sexually explicit comments on Facebook.

But whatever you do, do not even hint that one of Facebook’s advertisers could be anything other than benevolent, altruistic, and immediately awaiting sainthood.

Disgusting! Absolutely disgusting to me.

This is a classic example of why corporate-owned media does not serve the best interest of people.

Facebook cares more about making money from its advertisers than they care about their content creators: you!